Life & Wealth

August 5, 2009

Once, I asked: “While people keep repeating the words “Get a life, man!”, how do you define LIFE?”. A good answer provided by a friend of mine: “You’ve got LIFE when you have TIME for yourself”. If I may add, “…and to your family, your friends, your society, your religion, and to God”.

Once, I was asked: “Define WEALTH”. Stumbled while trying to give my best answer, he then answered his very own question: “For me, WEALTH is HAPPINESS. Despite all the things he has, a person will never be a wealthy man if he is not happy. The same, you may not be rich relatively to others, but if you possess happiness in your life, you are actually more wealthy than those people around you”.

More than true, indeed. And yes, I was relating to WORK.

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