Intention For Marriage

April 23, 2009

Surprisingly for someone like me to publicly talk / write about marriage. Don’t have any experience though (yet), but yeah, when ones have reach somewhere around this age, I doubt that this won’t be the topic-of-the-year in their daily conversation. How prepared are we is one thing, but how serious are we in preparing ourselves is more important. Because of that, I want to share an excerpt (originally shared by a friend of mine) from this little book Kitaabun Niyyat – basically it is a booklet comprises of intentions of the pious scholars (may Allah preserve them) in their daily dealings, including for marriage. My heart truly touched by this, and hopefully yours too. And may it provides you some spiritual preparation by having the right intention in facing the life of marriage sooner or later, insya’Allah.


By Mohammad ibn Alawi al-Aidarus, 1st paragraph by Sheikh al-‘Arif billah Ali ibn Abi Bakr al-Sakran

I intend by this marriage and this wife the love of Allah Mighty Majestic, and to obtain children in order to preserve humanity. And I intend the love of the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) by providing him with more means to be proud; for he said: “Marry and reproduce for I am to proudly show you my ummah in front of the other nations on the Day of Judgment.”

I intend by this marriage, and all my actions in word and deed, to seek the blessing of the du’as of my righteous children; And to seek intersection if a young child of mine dies before me.

I intend by this marriage to protect myself from the shaytan and a halal means for my physical needs and protections towards evil, to lower my gaze, and minimize the suggestions of shaytan. I intend to preserve myself from indecency. I intend by this marriage to find tranquility for myself, and to keep company with my wife and to enjoy looking at her and playing with her, and to comfort my heart and strengthen my heart for worship.

I intend to free my mind of the worry of house work, cooking and cleaning and maintaining my daily life. I intend by marriage to discipline my nafs through caring and guarding the rights of my family. And to have patience with my wife’s character, temperament and harm, as well as taking the responsibility of educating and guiding her to the right way; And to work hard to provide for my family with a halal income; And to supervise my wife in raising our children and asking Allah for His guidance in doing so; and I ask for this success with neediness before Him.

I intend all of this for the sake of Allah Mighty Majestic. I intend this and other than this in all my dealings, sayings and actions in this marriage for Allah Most High. And I intend with this marriage that which the righteous slaves and righteous scholars have intended.

O Allah give me success as You have given them, and help me as You have helped them, and complete my shortcomings and accept this all from me. “And don’t leave us to ourselves even for a blink of an eye.” Make good for us in all that we have asked in good and well being from Your Largesse and Generosity.

O Allah, forgive us and have mercy upon us and be pleased with us and accept from us and enter us paradise and save us from the fire and make good our affairs, all of them.

O Allah give me from You in this marriage and all my affairs help, blessing and safety, and deliver me from being preoccupied from You, and that this marriage wouldn’t come between me and obedience to You, and suffice me in this marriage and give me chastity through it.

O Allah verily I, my motions, and my silence are a safe keeping so preserve them for me wherever I go and be my Guardian instead of me, like You are the Guardian of Your righteous slaves.

O Allah help me, my parents, my children, my spouse, my shaykhs (teachers), my brethren and all my relatives and all who have a right over me, even the one most minimal right.

O Allah help us and them to make remembrance of You and to praise You and to worship You well, O Lord of the Worlds.

O Allah guide us and give them success, O Lord of the worlds. O Allah make us live according to the Qur’an and Sunna, O You of Majesty and Generosity.

O Allah we ask You for us and for them Your acceptance and that which draws us near to You. Amin.

And send Your blessings and peace from Your Majesty to the noblest of Messengers Muhammad the seal of the prophets and his folks and companions. And all praise is to You Lord of the Worlds.

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